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In addition to the proprietary research used for Chief Executive magazine editorial features, we regularly survey CEOs on topical issues affecting the business community to continuously provide fresh insights and best practices based on real-world experience. Chief Executive Research also provides a unique venue to make your voice heard. While our research is first and foremost designed to provide you—members of the CEO community—with benchmarks and best practices, it is also frequently used by federal and local lawmakers to set policy as well as by the mainstream media to report CEO concerns.

If you are the CEO of a U.S.-based company, we invite you to join our research panel. In addition to receiving exclusive access to survey summaries and results, you can earn additional rewards:

All participants: Exclusive, early-release data report for all surveys you complete

20 points: $100 voucher towards any Chief Executive event or product (e.g., Chief Executive Network membership, Compensation Report) or a one-year subscription to Chief Executive magazine

30 points: $150 voucher towards any Chief Executive event or product

40 points: $200 voucher towards any Chief Executive event or product

50 points: $300 voucher towards any Chief Executive event or product

Points are assigned based on the nature and length of each survey, and are cumulative over time. For instance, our monthly CEO Confidence Index, which only requires 1-2 minutes of your time, grants you 2 points. A longer survey, requiring 5-7 minutes of your time, would provide you 5 points. Finally, our flagship surveys, occurring six times a year with results featured in an issue of Chief Executive magazine, each earn you 10 points.

By joining our efforts to provide CEOs and other C-Suite officers with rich data designed to address talent management, technology, operations, finance, sales and marketing through industry benchmarking, you further enhance the quality of leadership across the nation and help build strategies for success.

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Disclaimer: Points redeemed cannot be combined with any other offers

If you have questions, please reach out to us at [email protected].