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Validation Institute

Reimagining Healthcare: A CEO’s Guide to Taking Control of Employer Healthcare Costs

Join Rosen Hotels & Resorts Founder and CEO, Mr. Harris Rosen and his team to learn how employers can be innovative and deliver top-notch health and wellness programs to employees. Gain actionable strategies to move away from traditional benefit plan designs and implement novel models that deliver timely care at the right place and time, put the purchaser/employer in control of healthcare spend, demand transparency, and significantly improve outcomes.

Validation Institute

CEOs on the Fiduciary Hook: New Legal Obligations on Health Plans

As fiduciaries of the benefit plan, Government agencies like the Department of Labor, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the Treasury will hold employers responsible and accountable for the CAA. What does this mean for employers and how should CEOs meet their fiduciary obligation to their employees/plan members?

Alexander Group

Revenue Growth: The New Frontier

The ability to adapt to changing trends and behaviors has been key, and management teams must revisit their commercial (marketing, sales, service) strategy and processes to ensure it is still suited to today’s reality. Watch this webinar to explore the new frontier of revenue growth.

How Real-Time Visibility and Automation Power the Modern Finance Leader

An interactive discussion with G2’s VP of Finance, Joe Stuckel, and TripActions’ EVP of Finance and Corporate Controller, Ram Bartov.


Measuring Sustainability to Create Value

Join Accenture and StrategicCFO360 to explore how to determine what success looks like and how accountability for sustainability measurement, analytics and performance needs to be embedded into the “Sustainability DNA” of the organization, with transparency and trust enshrined along the way.


McKinsey & Company

CEO Excellence: 6 Mindsets of High-Performing Leaders

An interactive discussion with G2’s VP of Finance, Joe Stuckel, and TripActions’ EVP of Finance and Corporate Controller, Ram Bartov.


Preparing for an Exit: Key Considerations

If you’re a business owner contemplating an exit any time in the next five years, watch this webinar to hear experts who can help you maximize both personal wealth and business valuation outcomes.

VISION 2030: Preparing for the Future of Work

Uncover what business leaders around the world say are the essential long-term strategies for technology, talent, culture, collaboration, jobs and the office with the team of Oxford professors who conducted the research.


2022 Outlook on the Economy/Taxes

Glean insights from AllianceBernstein on financial projections for 2022, including inflation, GDP, interests rates and stock market returns. You will also learn about BBB’s tax proposals that are likely to be part of a revised bill and planning strategies to consider implementing in advance of any tax law changes.



The Future Office of the CFO

How CFOs drive value in the future will depend on which strategic initiatives they choose to focus on to unlock hidden value and scalability, including investing in digital transformation.


How New Technologies are Innovating Finance

Learn the key takeaways of Chief Executive Group and SAP’s recent CFO survey, delve into the primary technologies that are a focus for finance and risk teams, and explore how leading companies are managing innovation and change both from the human and technology perspectives.


Thayer Leadership

Lessons on Leadership: Capitalizing on Talent

Hear a discussion with military veterans and C-suite executives on Veterans Day 2021 to understand how to capitalize on the unique assets of veteran employees.



Leading into 2022: New Techniques for the New Era

Get a leg up on today’s leadership challenges with a targeted, expert conversation featuring two of the top minds in leadership psychology and talent development: Ted Bililies, managing director & chief talent officer for AlixPartners and Johnny Taylor, Jr. the CEO of SHRM.

Oracle Netsuite

The Future of Accounting: 9 Key Developments

Accountants are being asked to pair their financial expertise with data analytics skills, along with soft skills such as leadership. How can you best prepare yourself and your finance team for these new demands?